About Us

The Coalition of Aid and Development Agencies in Northern Ireland (CADA) is an umbrella organisation of those overseas aid agencies with an active presence in Northern Ireland. There are currently 19 member agencies, which, are collectively supported by more than 400,000 people across Northern Ireland who donate their money and time to campaign, fundraise and volunteer. Together our members raise a combined income of over £28 million.

Main Objectives

CADA’s main objectives are to promote sustainable development, social justice and a fairer society in both local and global contexts. 

CADA supports sustainable international development by: 

  • Enhancing awareness and a better understanding of development issues in Northern Ireland; 
  • Influencing policy at local, national and international government level; 
  • Supporting its members to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their activities.

 CADA is made up of a management committee and two working groups.

Public Engagement and Advocacy Group – This group carries out joint lobbying and awareness raising work in Northern Ireland on issues of concern to CADAs members.

Development Education Group – provide opportunities for those involved in development education work to share learning and and to act as advocates for the importance of development education in Northern Ireland.

Management Committee

Dave Thomas, Christian Aid (Chair)

Jenny Williams, Habitat for Humanity NI (Vice Chair)

Kevin Donnelly, Trocaire (Secretary)

Peter Anderson, Concern Worldwide (Treasurer)

Andrea Brown, Disability Aid Abroad

Orla Devine, Global Learning Programme, The Centre for Global Education

Siobhan Hanley, War on Want NI

Laura Rio Fernandez, Tools for Solidarity

Peter Bryson, Save the Children